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Impressions of the White Dial Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch It might just be the dial color… but it changes the high quality replica watches dramatically.

“It’s just a new dial color…” might be your first reaction when you see this new watch, and you’re not a fan of the Speedmaster. In a way, I can’t blame you for that, because that’s exactly what we’re talking about here: the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional has a new white dial. That's probably where the story ends. But since you're here, it means you probably have some interest in watches, which means there's a good chance the iconic Moonwatch won't leave you completely indifferent. So now it’s time for me to talk about the new Speedmaster Moonwatch white dial (aka Speedy Albino) because as I’ve said many times, a new dial color can completely transform a watch.

Speedmaster replica luxury watches with white dials are nothing new. If you’re like me and have browsed the Moonwatch Only reference book, or are familiar with older Speedmasters, you’ve probably come across more than one “albino” Speedy. However, what we see here is actually new... enough to cause a stir in the Speedmaster community. The latest white-dial Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the first of its kind to become a permanent collection, without restrictions on quantity or production. This also makes it the only stainless steel Moonwatch currently available without a black dial (except for limited editions and special editions). The gold version comes with a silver dial, brushed black dial, green dial or champagne panda dial. When it comes to stainless steel (classic model), your choice is limited to one color: black. no longer.

The hype around this white-dialed Speedmaster Moonwatch is the result of a clever strategy from Omega, which it (not-so) discreetly teased at an event in November 2023. Daniel Craig, who we are more accustomed to seeing wearing a Seamaster when playing James Bond, was spotted wearing an unprecedented light-colored dial of the Classic Moonwatch. No, this is not the silver dial of the Canopus Gold Moonwatch (the polished center links and visible traces of red indicate it is likely steel). In March this year, the existence of this watch was officially confirmed.

Having said that, what exactly does this watch do? There has never been a Speedmaster with a white dial before. Speedmaster Moonwatches with all-white dials are uncommon. Look closely and you won't find anything similar, at least not in the standard collection. There are already several examples of the “Panda” Speedies, such as this model found in the Tokyo 2020 collection, but it’s limited to just 2,020 pieces. There have been some special, commemorative, regional or limited editions with white dials in the past, but nothing permanently available. With the exception of the chocolate version of the Moonwatch (circa 2007-2012), the steel models have always been a sea of ​​black. Even the current collection only contains four steel references, and they're all black.

However, there are also special or limited edition versions of the white dial Speedmaster. Some of them are highly sought after models. Undoubtedly, the most important white-dial Speedmaster is the Project Alaska model – an original model from the late 1960s or a 2008 re-edition, limited to 1,970 pieces. Without a doubt, this is the model most often cited when referring to the white dial Speedy. We can also mention a watch nicknamed the Albino Speedmaster, the Speedmaster 40th Anniversary watch created exclusively for the Italian market, reference 3593.20, dating from 1997, with a total production of 500 pieces. Fratello's RJ Broer says this is the "last (non-Panda) white-dial Speedmaster Professional watch produced by Omega without comic characters, moon phases or special references," although it's closer to off-white than pure white.

Finally, in terms of white watches, we have to mention the highly collectible (and quite expensive on the second-hand market) model 311., also known as the 2015 Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award . This limited edition of 1,970 pieces is essentially a classic moon watch, with an all-white dial with black hour markers and hands. The dial is mainly decorated with a series of elements related to the Apollo 13 rescue mission, one of which is on a small counter. Features glow-in-the-dark Snoopy pattern (silver Snoopy engraved on the back). As far as white dial (non-Panda) Speedmasters go, that’s about it. Until earlier this year. replica jacob and co astronomia

New White Dial Speedmaster Moonwatch
I am fully aware that this new dial is just a small piece of news to many watch enthusiasts who are not particularly enthusiastic about Speedmaster watches. I didn't even mention the non-watch enthusiasts, they really don't care. However, the Speedmaster community is large, loyal and critical when it comes to updating such an iconic watch. The simple fact that the steel Moonwatch case comes in a new dial color might cause a virtual earthquake (ok, I’m exaggerating on purpose here…). This might explain why this new white dial is only available on watches with a sapphire sandwich construction, and not the historical Hesalite version.

Believe me, many Speedy fans have been waiting for a white dial Speedmaster that they can buy when they want without having to rush to AD to get a limited edition (or pay a hefty premium on the second-hand market). The only problem is that Omega has to do it right. Is it nailed? Let me give you my impressions.

In short, we're talking about a new watch face. Sure, it's a little darker than the baseplate, but that's still what we're considering right now. The rest of the watch is generally identical to the black-dial “Sapphire Sandwich” version that was completely revamped for 2021. The first important takeaway is this: the Hesalite model with a closed case back and fully brushed bracelet will not come with a white dial. This historic classic remains true to the original black dial, which has been a hallmark of the watch since its launch in 1957. Do you want white? You get a watch with a box-shaped sapphire crystal on top, an open case back to expose the movement, and a polished center link on the bracelet (a strap is also available). And I think it was a wise choice, in order to respect the original Hesalite model.

Let’s talk about what’s really important here, the new white dial; if you want to know all the details about the latest generation Speedmaster Moonwatch, you can read this extensive article here . The dial on this Albino Speedmaster is quite different from any watch we’ve seen in the past in the Standard Collection. Back to basics. As of 2021, the regular Moonwatch features a stepped black dial made of embossed brass with a matte fine-grained black finish on top. The hour markers are painted, flat, luminous and white. The hands are also traditional Professional model, i.e. matte white (lacquered) with a thin band of Super-LumiNova. Finally, all printing is in white, including the slightly snailed and recessed scales within the sub-counters. The sapphire model has the Ω logo at 12 o'clock (the Hesalite model has a printed logo).

In this regard, the new white dial introduced by Omega is a quite different beast. While it retains the embossed stepped profile of the black version (which the brushed silver Canopus version doesn't have), the brass base is coated in white varnish. The result is a semi-glossy surface with a depth and opalescent effect – meaning that in this respect it’s very different from the matte white dials of the Snoopy, Albino and Project Alaska references. It's not glossy or particularly reflective, but it's nothing like the instrument-like feel of the black version. replica Audemars Piguet Watches

Other differences are also evident, such as the applied and semi-floating hour markers. Because there are steps on the dial, only their limbs touch the dial, while the middle part floats above it. While the hour markers retain the classic Speedy code, including the baton hour marker with two dots at 12 o'clock, they are polished, beveled, blackened with a PVD coating, and filled with white Super-LumiNova Thin belt. And, like all Speedies with applied markings, these are slim, rather than the short markings of the black version. All hands have the same treatment, surface polish, black PVD color and white SLN. Overall, this white and black combination retains the Speedmaster’s signature contrast.

There is something to be said about scales, repertoire and signs. While most of these are black (obviously), this version adds two red details, namely the Speedmaster logo and the tip of the seconds hand. Some people will like it (I do) and some won't. But importantly, because of the thick paint on the dial, coupled with the clear topcoat, all the printing seems to float above the dial. In real life it's very cool and adds a lot of depth to the watch face.

For the rest, there are no surprises. The watch has the same specs as the black dial watch. The classic Professional case is made of brushed and polished stainless steel and features signature twisted “harp” lugs and an asymmetrical design that protects the crown and pushers. The dimensions are the same: diameter 42 mm, height 13.2 mm, length 47.5 mm. As mentioned, this version only comes with a box-shaped sapphire crystal and its counterpart on the back, the bezel with DON is black and still made of anodized aluminum (no ceramic here). It is equipped with the latest 3861 manual winding chronograph movement, which has Master Chronometer certification, strong anti-magnetic ability and coaxial escapement.

Omega launches the Speedmaster Moonwatch with a white dial and three different strap options. It starts with a classic vintage-style stainless steel 20/15mm bracelet with polished middle links (sapphire sandwich logo), and a slim and fairly compact ribbed folding clasp that now integrates a dynamic fine-adjustment system. The steel-on-steel version costs 8,900 euros or 7,700 Swiss francs. Additionally, a black perforated leather racing strap with white stitching can be ordered, also with perforations and red stitching on the back (same as the CK2998 pulsometer style). Also available is a black rubber strap with an embossed lunar surface pattern on the interior. replica Richard Mille

First, the glossy white dial has more depth and looks less tool-like, which means this Speedmaster feels more precious overall. Secondly, and this is inherent to all glossy watches, this Albino Speedy looks larger on the wrist than the black model. They look exactly the same, but they look a little bigger.

Should you buy one? Well, I always say that if you want to get into the Speedmaster community, the best and safest way to get one is the steel model with a black dial. Now, I also know some people who have never felt that way, and this new white model might change some minds. If you already have the black one, I do think this white one would be a really nice addition to the collection and won't overlap with the classic black one. They may both be Speedies, but they're very different.

Now, if we compare this new white-dial steel Speedmaster with the other light-dial model in the collection (Canopus gold), we can see some differences. The latter features a silver-white dial with a sunray-brushed surface, excluding the stepped profile. Additionally, all printing is black and the hands/markers are silver. Finally, the bracelet is brushed as a whole. Interestingly, before writing this article, I had a discussion with Frank, the founder of this magazine...and we had completely different opinions when it came to comparing the Steel/White Speedmaster and Canopus versions.

What he likes about the Canopus model is the soft monochrome (there’s a reason the magazine is named MONOCHROME) effect with tonal markers/hands and matte texture on the dial and strap. For me, it's the exact opposite. I think the Canopus version lacks contrast and punch, which is why I prefer this new Steel White Dial Speedmaster with its red accents, full depth of dial and polished middle links on the bracelet… De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum, or as to taste and colour, there can be no dispute. It's just that their prices are very different. Everyone has their own. replica Patek Philippe Nautilus

Technical Specifications – Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Master Chronometer
Case: Diameter 42mm x Height 13.2mm - 47.5mm lug to lug - Stainless steel case with brushed polished decoration - Asymmetrical case with crown and pushpiece protection - Twisted "lyre" lugs - External stainless steel case Ring with aluminum insert, tachymeter scale - Sapphire crystal front and back - 50m water resistant
Dial: Glossy lacquered white stepped dial - Classic professional black hands, diamond-shaped seconds hand with teardrop weight - Recessed sub-dials with concentric pattern - Applied black markers with luminous inserts - Red Speedmaster logo and seconds hand tip
Movement: Manufacture Caliber 3861, Master Chronometer Certified - Antimagnetic (15,000 Gauss) - Manually wound cam-operated chronograph with horizontal clutch - 26 jewels - 21,600vph - Coaxial escapement - 50 hours Power reserve - hours , minutes, small seconds (hacker function) and chronograph with 12-hour and 30-minute counters
Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet (20 mm at lugs, 15 mm at buckle), folding clasp with striped pattern, polished Omega logo, safety button and comfort extension integrated into the clasp - brushed and polished links - also available Comes with either a black perforated leather strap or a black rubber strap - both closed with a folding clasp
Model: 310. (bracelet)
310. (leather strap)
310. (rubber strap)




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