Choosing Over or Under in Football Betting (125 อ่าน)

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Football is not only a beloved sport for those participating in grassy games, but it also brings exciting opportunities for those passionate about betting. Gambling and betting require calculation, reasoning, and experience. Among them, Over and Under bets are among the most sought after by bet win tips. To get the correct answer and have an enjoyable leisure time, follow wintips' article below.

What is Over Bet?

Simply put, this is a term in football betting. The odds reflect the betting ratio, meaning the difference between two teams in the same match.

Over bets indicate a stronger, better, and more refined team. This will be the team with a higher score.

Under bets refer to teams rated lower in terms of performance, ranking, and reputation.

To determine this type of bet, bookmaker uk rely on the following factors:

Previous match performance of both teams (which team is more stable will have a higher score)

Win rate of both teams

History, head-to-head records, etc.

When playing, bookmakers will provide a handicap. This is the odds given to balance these two markets. This type of bet is divided into various situations, each with different identification methods.

How to Determine the Bet Type:

To understand this type of bet, you first need to understand Football Betting Odds. This is an essential factor, and you can grasp the up and down odds of the online sports betting site provides. Which one is favored, which one is the underdog.

Before the match starts, pay attention to the form of both teams and their positions on the rankings. Before choosing Over, make sure you have a full understanding of both teams. However, for beginners, making predictions is not straightforward.

Let's review the head-to-head records of both teams, the recent 5 matches, as well as factors such as coaching, playing conditions, injury status, etc. Of course, you also need to be aware of the weather and game time. If you have enough experience, sometimes just by hearing the names of the two teams, you can accurately guess which team is leading and which one is at the bottom. Let's accumulate and train experience to improve reaction and recognition skills.

Handicap Odds in Betting:

When participating in over-under bets, wintips emphasizes that you should pay attention to the following bets to choose accurately and increase your chances of winning:

Accepting Half a Ball:

Handicap betting is the most commonly used type of bet when choosing Over. With this odds, you will have a higher winning chance because the likelihood of winning is 50/50.

This is explained as follows: Whoever has the upper hand must accept half of the result. That is, the weaker team will add 0.5 points to the final result of the game.

For example: when the two teams draw, the one who chooses Over will win because they get an additional 0.5 goals. The odds are 0.5. If the team above wins, the bet is placed by the team above. It is also 0.5 because I have accepted half the result.

Accepting a Quarter Ball:

When the handicap ratio is 1/4, the winning team will be considered to have won the entire bet. If the two teams draw, you won't lose your bet even if you choose Over. For those who regularly play online football betting, this is considered the safest handicap level.

Accepting Three Quarters of a Ball:

Handicap 3/4 is also a quite common form of betting. Most beginners participating in the game ensure that they can win by following this method.

The rules of this form are as follows: The winning team will give the losing team a 3/4 ball. If the higher-ranked team wins by a margin of 2 goals, it is considered a win. If the team only wins by one goal, the Over bettor wins half, and the one who chooses Over loses half. If the weaker team wins or draws, the one who chose the weaker team will win the entire prize.

Accepting One Ball Result:

Using this form, the higher-ranked team will accept the lower-ranked team. If the higher team is 2 points ahead, it is considered a win. If not, it is considered a loss. So, pay attention to this type of bet as it is easy to lose, and the risk is high.

So, should you choose Over or Under?

Check the information, and you will know when to choose Over or Under. Based on the experience of experts in online football betting, you should choose the weaker team.

Once you have the handicap odds of the game, whoever has the lower odds will have a higher chance of winning, as the favored team. In addition, football is a sport full of surprises, and the weaker team can also defeat the stronger team. Therefore, there is still a chance to choose Over for the underdog.


Above, the wintips sports administrator has guided you on how to identify the highest and lowest odds. I hope everyone can choose a suitable match for themselves.







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