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The 12 Greatest Grand Seiko Watches of All Time, and Their Importance

To be fair, Grand Seiko is a high quality copy watches brand for watch geeks, but as the brand has grown and expanded internationally over the years, more and more people are discovering the unique essence this special Japanese brand has to offer (totally Pun) . From colorful and textured dial finishes to Zaratsu finishes and unique movements such as the famous Spring Drive movement, their work is vast. That's why it's so hard to know exactly what I'm going to do... So, at the risk of offending many die-hards, I've rounded up what we consider to be 12 of the best Grand Seiko references of the modern era.

#1: Grand Seiko SLGH005 “White Birch”

Let’s start with one of the most well-known and acclaimed Grand Seiko creations: the SLGH005 “White Birch”. Winner of the 2021 GPHG Men's Watch Award and the 2022 Red Dot Design Award for "Best of the Best", its dial is reminiscent of the birch grove surrounding Grand Seiko's Shizukuishi studio, where all 9S mechanical Grand Seiko watches are found. grow. Manufacture and assembly of watches.

Importance: The White Birch is not only one of the most highly regarded watches produced by Grand Seiko, it is also one of the most highly regarded Japanese watches. It also showcases one of Grand Seiko’s calling cards: extremely detailed dial texture. It is also significant because it is the first steel watch to feature the 9SA5 movement, the pinnacle of Caliber 9S design with its ground-breaking double-pulse escapement and 80-hour power reserve.

#2: Grand Seiko SBGA211 “Snowflake”

The Grand Seiko SBGA211 "Snowflake" watch is the darling of watch collectors around the world. It is named after its exquisitely decorated dial that looks like freshly fallen snowflakes. It’s also incredibly accurate, thanks to its smooth, powerful Spring Drive movement, which combines the “soul” of a mechanical watch with the precision of quartz.

Why it matters: The SBGA211 “Snowflake” is the quintessential Spring Drive watch, and it’s so beloved for a reason. The Snowflake watch made Grand Seiko famous internationally. The perfect combination of its beautiful nature-style dial and Spring Drive movement helped a wider range of watch buyers understand what made Grand Seiko unique. It embodies everything that makes Grand Seiko unique and special to watch geeks. Its high-strength titanium case, also typical of Grand Seiko, combines brushed and Zaratsu polished surfaces.

#3: Grand Seiko SLGT003 “Kodo” Constant Force Tourbillon
Named after the Japanese word for “heartbeat,” the SLGT003 “Kodo” Constant Force Tourbillon is the most visually striking (and technically impressive) watch in the Grand Seiko collection, having been developed for nearly a decade. The first single-axis watch in history to combine a tourbillon and a constant-force mechanism into a single unit, its skeletonized structure and the musical quality of the constant-force cage rotation make this luxury Watches copy striking.

Importance: Simply put, this is Grand Seiko’s first mechanical complication watch, so it’s extremely significant. Its in-house caliber 9ST1 is an evolution of the impressive T0 concept movement, setting new standards of precision for this already uncompromising brand while launching a horological world first. It is also significant because it is the first watch to be launched from Grand Seiko's new Atelier Ginza studio, Grand Seiko's smallest production facility that focuses almost entirely on mechanical complications - it contributes to the ongoing legacy of high-complication masterpieces Foundation.

#4: Grand Seiko SLGC001 Tentagraph
It wasn't until 2007 that Grand Seiko first introduced a chronograph to the range, and it would be another 16 years before they launched their first mechanical chronograph - but it was worth the wait. The name of the SLGC001 Tentagraph refers to the characteristics of its 9SC5 movement that vibrates 10 times per second, has a three-day power reserve, and an automatic chronograph GRAPH. What’s really impressive about the power reserve is that it includes a continuously running chronograph… great if you like to keep your chronograph running all day long.

Why it matters: Grand Seiko is known for its restrained, conservative aesthetic, but the Tentagraph shows they're more than capable of making a traditionally handsome sports watch. It also perfectly embodies Grand Seiko’s current Evolution 9 design language, with its angular shape blending ergonomics with a variety of styles.

#5: Grand Seiko SBGA413 “Shunbun”
The SBGA413 "Shunbun" (sometimes called "Sakura") is a modern reinterpretation of the famous 62GS from 1967, inspired by Japan's overwhelming seasonal experience of "hana-ikada" - the moment shortly after the spring equinox (shunbun) in Japanese (hence the name) when cherry blossom petals are blown away by the wind and cover the surface of the river. Its subtly textured pale pink dial is unlike any other in high-end watchmaking. best copy watches

Importance: Originally an exclusive to the US market, the Shunbun became such a fan favorite that Grand Seiko introduced it globally - which should go some way to explaining the watch's popularity and importance. Like the Snowflake, it embodies many of Grand Seiko’s unique features: a high-strength titanium case with Zaratsu polish, a pleasing dial texture in unique colors inspired by nature, and a Spring Drive movement. It also had an impact on getting men to appreciate the color pink in luxury watches, and helped drive the wider trend of muted and light dial colors we’re currently seeing in the watch industry.

#6: Grand Seiko SBGY007 “Omiwatari”
Inspired by the waters of Lake Suwa southeast of Shinshu Watch Studio, where all Spring Drive watches are produced, the SBGY007 is a classically handsome, restrained piece. This is a hand-wound, time-only Spring Drive dress watch with an incredible light blue dial inspired by the phenomenon of Lake Suwa freezing over from one side of the lake to the other , a long ridge appears in the ice, and the tradition that maintains this phenomenon is Omiwatari - a bridge where Shinto gods walked on the ice.

Why it matters: As our editor Zach points out, many Grand Seiko fans have pointed out that while they think the SBGA211 Snowflake is great, they would have preferred it in a chronograph-only configuration without a power reserve indicator. Although the SBGY007 is not exactly a snowflake dial, its scratches are quite itchy. It’s also arguably the most interesting Grand Seiko dress watch: the light blue dial is a masterpiece of subtlety.

#6: Grand Seiko SBGH255
An uncompromisingly serious dive watch, the SBGH255 is the largest watch produced by Grand Seiko at 46.9 mm in diameter. Designed to withstand the pressures encountered when saturating dives to depths of 600 meters (note, there is no helium escape valve) and featuring a pure iron dial to protect the movement from the harmful effects of magnetism, this big daddy thing Not messy. replica mens watches

Why it matters: Parent company Seiko is best known for its professional-grade dive watches, and while Grand Seiko has long produced its own dive watches, this is the first professional-grade dive watch to carry the GS moniker. It’s a slightly incongruous yet masculine piece that shows that superior finishes, top-notch movements and extraordinary dials don’t have to stop at the surface. This is the ultimate expression of Seiko’s dive watch.

#8: Grand Seiko SBGP017
The SBGP017 is an excellent example of Grand Seiko's quartz offerings, powered by Caliber 9F, proudly displayed behind a sapphire crystal caseback. This is no ordinary quartz movement or watch: the 9F movement in the SBGV238 is entirely hand-assembled by two expert craftsmen and runs at least ±5 seconds per year; precision achieved through the selection of in-house quartz crystals that are first "aged" “Three months and only the best are selected for the movement. The star at 6 o’clock on the charming light blue cloud-textured dial represents its high-precision quartz movement.

Why it matters: While many luxury watchmakers don't like to show off their quartz movements, Grand Seiko's Caliber 9F pays quartz the respect it deserves, embodying Seiko's legacy of introducing quartz watches to the world. The Caliber 9F’s exquisite machining and impressive precision dispel the notion that quartz is something to be ashamed of. Quite the opposite actually. Simply put, the SBGP017 is the coolest 9F movement around: the stars and blue GS logo on the dial, along with the characteristic cuteness of the dial, mark it as something special.

#9: Grand Seiko SGBZ009
The SGBZ009 is a limited-edition “holy grail” piece from the Seiko Micro Artist Studio (an exclusive department dedicated to the highest-end Grand Seiko and Credor watches), featuring a hand-engraved platinum case and Grand Seiko’s “white birch” dial pattern that represents manufacturing of final completion. The Grand Seiko logo, dial text and minute track are all hand-engraved, while the hour markers and hands are crafted from 14-carat Zaratsu polished white gold. The in-house hand-wound Spring Drive Micro Artist Studio 9R02 movement powering the SGBZ009 is the best of Grand Seiko movements.

Why it's important: It's important because it showcases the full power of the Micro Artist Studio; not only are they able to machine movements to a level that would impress Philippe Dufour, but they are also able to do it in a way that no other watchmaker can. Machining the case. Platinum is a difficult metal to work with, so it's amazing that Grand Seiko is able to render it with such perfect hand-engraving. But let’s not overlook the movement: Caliber 9R02 is GS’s take on the 7R14 found in the acclaimed Credor Eichi II, but with the added value of its torque system, which increases the power reserve by 24 hours. It also has more rounded bevels, which for my taste is more eye-catching and impressive. This was Seiko's heyday. replica watches swiss

#10: Grand Seiko SBGJ269 “Pink Flannel Flower”
The SBGJ269 “Pink Flannel Flower” is Grand Seiko’s first Australian limited edition watch and is inspired by the flower of the same name, which only blooms after bushfires, as a tribute to the bushfires that ravaged Australia in 2019-20 Deep respect for the season. (Grand Seiko even raffled off a model to support the National Parks and Wildlife Foundation.)

Why it matters: The pink flannel flower stands out not only because it exemplifies Grand Seiko's careful craftsmanship of regionally exclusive watches, but also because it exemplifies the brand's elegant GMT watches and embodies GS's willingness to take on challenges. Spirit. Try unusual colors. Oh yes, it doesn’t hurt that this is Australia’s first limited edition Grand Seiko watch. For most luxury watch brands, Australia is a small and remote market that is often overlooked when it comes to issuing special editions. That Australia is receiving such attention and specifically considering a limited edition watch that pays homage to a unique Australian flower shows how Grand Seiko truly cares about its fans.

#11: Grand Seiko SBGD202
Another rare piece from Seiko’s miniature artist studio, the SBGD202’s diamond dust dial is both subtle and eye-catching, as is its Zaratsu polished rose gold case. What’s really special, though, is the hand-wound 9R01 movement inside, which boasts an eight-day power reserve while maintaining an exceptional accuracy of 10 seconds per month.

Importance: Grand Seiko doesn't make many gold watches, but when they do, they are stunning, and this watch is a prime example. Its impressive Caliber 9R01 movement is not only Grand Seiko’s first manually wound Spring Drive movement, but it also boasts the longest power reserve of any GS. The SBGD202’s diamond dust dial shouldn’t be overlooked either: it’s made using a unique electroplating and painting process that gives it a mesmerizing three-dimensional effect (which photos can’t really do justice to); even more impressive than gold dials produced by some of the world’s most high-end watchmakers. The dial is more three-dimensional.

#12: Grand Seiko SBGA405 Godzilla 65th Anniversary Limited Edition

Finally, we have the limited edition SBGA405, first launched in 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Spring Drive and the 65th anniversary of the iconic Godzilla film series. Fun fact: In the first Godzilla movie, the monster rampages through Tokyo's Ginza and destroys the clock tower of the Wako Store, the luxury department store that serves as Seiko's headquarters and birthplace. Its red dial is inspired by Godzilla's heat ray beam, the black and red sharkskin strap reproduces the tones and rough texture of the monster's skin, and the pattern on the case back shows Godzilla destroying the Wako Store. It's an interesting and unusual piece, and its Japanese character is intoxicating.

Why it matters: Grand Seiko is (wrongly) known for being conservative, but Godzilla proves they also know how to have fun, and how they stay in touch with the zeitgeist of the brand's collaborations. That said, this is a very subtle and elegant collaboration – one that’s not immediately apparent on the wrist and only a look at the case back reveals its secrets. It’s also a prime example of Grand Seiko’s thick and angular sport (or “lion”) case design: the GS is more than just a traditional best copy watches shape. Finally, red is a rarely used color in luxury watchmaking, and this radiant red dial really stands out.




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